5 Simple Steps To Improve Android Phone Marketing Results

5 Simple Steps To Improve Android Phone Marketing Results

Android phone marketing is one of the latest marketing strategies available to both small business owners and large corporation managers. It seems that more and more businesses are investing their money, energy and time in this type of marketing. It turns out that almost 33% of digital marketing is spent on mobile marketing, especially on Android phone marketing. (1) This is quite logical because there are over 1.6 billion Android users in the world. (2) if you are interested in maximizing the effect of your Android phone marketing strategy, then you should check the tips shared in this article.

Android Phone Marketing


  1. Use content optimized for an Android experience

One of the main reasons why Android phone marketing is so effective is the fact that users of Android-based phones are given a chance to experience a business in a different way. That’s why it is crucial to do your best and provide a unique experience. The content you share must be designed for Android devices in mind. Simple sizing down of the content you have on your website is not enough. You must make users feel different when they are on their phones and stimulate them to take actions.

  1. Explain what a QR code is

There are many businesses that do the same mistake by adding QR codes in their ads. If you are planning on using QR codes in your Android phone marketing campaigns make sure that every potential customer understands how and why they are used. It is not advisable to use these QR codes in inaccessible locations. In addition, use these codes with a unique call to action.

  1. Think about apps

The fact is that Android users spend equal time using Android apps and mobile browsers. (3) Of course, this doesn’t mean that your business must develop an independent app so you can promote your business even though this would be a great move. This simply means that you should look for a way to promote your business within existing apps like some social media network apps. This should not be a problem because most of these networks have already included tools that can ease this job.

  1. Use emails

Android phone marketing can rely on emails too. Many people underestimate the power of company newsletters, but it turns out that they are equally efficient today like before. Of course, the main difference is that we are talking about mobile versions of newsletters. People today tend to open emails on their Android phones so your emails must be mobile-friendly.

  1. Use proximity marketing

Finally, in order to maximize the effects of your Android phone marketing campaign, you can also use proximity marketing. This type of marketing represents a localized wireless distribution of marketing content. There are many great tools that can help you use this form of Android phone marketing like Proximity Marketing Gem for example.

We hope that these tips will help you get the most from your Android phone marketing efforts. Put it to the test by ORDERING YOURS TODAY

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